Condo Culture13 photos
Our condo project was initiated by a most unfortunate flood from the unit above. When we arrived, the kitchen, foyer, bathroom and parts of the main areas had already been stripped of cabinets, finishes and even drywall! Needless to say, the opportunity to re-invent the layout of the hub of the condo were top of mind. To begin, we arranged to push the kitchen deeper by claiming space out of the guest room closet. This resulted in the stove sinking entirely into the block of furnace wall to the right, adding more than 20” of counter depth to that area. The fridge had been part of the U-shaped kitchen before which meant there was less than two feet of counter to work with outside of the peninsula. Moving the fridge to the opposite side of the hallway opened up the space in two ways: first, it allowed for a serious expansion of counter space and secondly, it allowed for the feature of tiles and cabinets from the dining and living room instead of appliances. Previously the foyer was the darkest area of the condo. We re-balanced the light distribution by creating the recessed light box, then crowned it with gold paper to compliment their ornate mirror. Our clients are exceptionally pleased with their expansive kitchen and the inclusiveness they now feel when using it. The bathroom was furnished with a new shower enclosure designed to welcome and delight with the artisanal glass tiles and the guest room now sports coordinated custom maple doors that integrate the room with the rest of the condo.